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March 18, 2021

One Stop Self Storage Unit Size Guide

New to self storage? If you are unfamiliar with storage units and their sizes, the dimensions can seem a little confusing. One Stop Self Storage hands you all the tools you need for an easy, successful storage experience. Our storage unit size guide will walk you through our different sizing options and explain what kinds of items will fit into each category. See what your Milwaukee, WI, storage unit can hold!

storage unit size chart

Small Storage Units

If you are looking a budget-friendly option and do not require a ton of space, our small storage units begin at 25 square feet. At about the size of a walk-in closet, these storage units can hold a few large boxes with some other miscellaneous items, about one room’s worth of items. You have to be careful about attempting to fit large pieces of furniture in them, however. Always double check measurements before move-in day.

Medium Storage Units

When your storage needs equate to approximately two to three rooms’ boxed up items, you need a storage unit in the medium range. You should still be wary about the sizes of large objects, but most of your items should have no problem fitting inside the unit. This includes appliances, recliners, and even business inventory.

Large Storage Units

Looking to store away the whole house? One Stop Self Storage can help you through your move with large temperature-controlled storage units up to 400 square feet. Fit all your indoor and outdoor furniture sets, your wardrobe, and your kitchenware in one place in Milwaukee, WI.

One Stop Self Storage

Ready to find your storage solution? Once you find the right storage unit size (you can also consult our online storage calculator), come by One Stop Self Storage on West Wisconsin Avenue to speak with our experts about the best choice for you! All our storage units are temperature-controlled to help protect your belongings from damage caused by changing weather. Rent your Milwaukee, WI, storage with us today online!